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Why choose an Eaton Birbeck home? Quite simply - we manage delivery of beautiful unique and individually tailored homes. We are unrivalled in the standards, service, flexibility & innovation we can provide.

Clients enjoy both the intangible value in a house that fits their every need and the tangible benefit of a great investment created through unique inspirational design and outstanding quality throughout. Innovative design creating unique, inspired, yet functional & versatile living environments in contemporary or traditional fashions with striking aesthetics. Fully complete homes & gardens with many of the finer details not provided by other properties that enables you to enjoy relaxing or entertaining the day you move in.

Smart home, low maintenance specifications include the latest discreet integrated technology and materials saving you not only money but time to enjoy your home and your weekend. A personal service that understands the time demanding nature of our clients' lives. Ultimate quality and attention to detail in every aspect. A home of true value inherent to you and as an investment for the future.

As a brand synonymous with luxury, distinction and quality our strictly unique architecture ensures your house is not replicated anywhere in the world. We offer freedom to tailor your home to satisfy your every need (inside & out) through a Bespoke Home, or our Freedom Options Service - an interior design service that allows you the option to specify a breathtaking finish, inspired by us or from your own vision.

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